Features & Benefits

  • Fast Cure/Drying Time – light foot traffic in 4 hours – return to service in under 24 hours
  • UV Stable – high gloss and excellent color retention – no yellowing
  • Superior Strength and Durability – ideal for high traffic areas – long lasting and abrasion resistant
  • Zero VOC/CFCs and Solvent Free – environmentally/eco friendly and low odor
  • Low Maintenance – easy to clean seamless surface
  • Customizable finishes – limitless color, texture, and design options (non skid and matte finishes available)
  • Cost effective – Fast cure allows for less down time, increased productivity and higher project profits
    Other products that are not 100% solid require more product to achieve the same dry film thickness (DFT)

More Advantages & Features

  • Specifically formulated for concrete (as finish can withstand slight movement) and other suitable substrates
  • Protects concrete and prevents dust
  • Application in temperatures as low as 20° F/6.7°C
  • Resistant to gasoline, oil, grease, road salts and some chemicals
  • Spray, roll or brush applications
  • No matter what your application, Best Flex Coatings PX-100 will protect your investment for years to come.
  • Made in the USA

PX-100 Vs. Cracked Garage Floor

Product-(3) Best-Flex-Coatings

PX-100 – Commercial Application


PX-100 – Commercial Application